Wave Tribe's Recycled Strong Bull Leash

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Wave Tribe4.5 starts, almost perfect!

´╗┐´╗┐Wave Tribe's Recycled Strong Bull Leashes

Background; Wave Tribe is a US based Eco Surf company who have a very similar to mission to Decarbonated and perfectly capture it here;

“I knew I would never stop surfing, the more I surf the more I love it! My relationship with the ocean is one of the most important elements in my life—in fact, it is my life. In these moments I asked myself how could I live my passion and at the same time decrease my environmental impact on the Earth and Ocean?” So by changing the materials we make our surf equipment from we can create a sustainable sport, Wave tribe is accomplishing this mission in several ways.

Product; TheRecycled Strong Bull Surfboard Leash’ is an amazing example of this, a Leash that uses recycled plastic to make the cord. They are so confident and proud of their leashes they come with a one year guarantee.

Recycled Strong Bull Surfboard Leash

Personally I own three of these leashes, a 9ft calf and two 6ft comp leashes, I have had them collectively for 5 years and they haven’t snapped or been stretched, they are still super comfy and the Velcro hasn’t depreciated at all. I have used these leashes in some serious waves all over Europe including some monster days at Vieux Boucau and Hossegor in France, so I know how good they are. They retail from  $21.95 (direct) or £22 in the UK, and come in all standard size, 6ft (and comp), 7ft, 8ft, 9ft (and calf and comp) and 10ft (SUP and coil) . They are now available all over the world.

We think the product is so good with have given it a 4.5 star rating = Epic and Environmental, to make it even more perfect for the environment (hence the missing half a star) would be to make the leash carbon neutral/offset.

Wave tribe are not just famous for leashes but now produce and sell amazing natural or recycled material based surf accessories, from Hemp board bags to Cork Deck grips. At Decarbonated we love promoting products like this and think the best way to make our sport better for the environment is to support companies and products like this, so check out their shop.

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