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Rica Surf Tour Company is the complete surf guide, surf lessons, arrange-everything-so-you-don’t-have-to-worry-about-it Company. Sounds good, the best thing is they are based at Playa Hermosa in Costa Rica, siiicccckkkk! Whether you want to learn to surf in warm water, hone your skills in some challenging waves, discover all the little beaches and reefs CR has to offer or explore the jungle and rivers before you surf, the Rica Surf girls can offer it all. Their local knowledge is second to none and they even have spies so they can check beaches without wasting your time. You can set up your own a tailor made private trips so you can get the most out of your holiday. During your trip, if you have any energy left, Rica Surf can also arrange other activities from Yoga classes, adrenaline pumping Canopy tours, massages, fishing trips and forest hiking, so much to do I think you might have to stay longer. To book check out their website; www.ricasurf.com You can also follow them on their facebook page www.facebook.com/ricasurf or twitter, Ricasurfco

“What an awesome few days! Introduced to hardcore Hermosa, fell in love with epic Pavones and I had such a great time with the girls.  Stoked for the next Rica trip!!! Pura Vida!!” Katy, another satisfied customer.  

Environmentally Costa Rica is one of the best surf countries to visit as 99% of its energy is produced renewably. Rica Surf themselves have enlisted Decarbonated to help them Carbon Offset their whole business so all you have to do is Carbon Offset your board and flights and you have the most eco holiday ever.

Rica Surf is run by 2 amazing people Evie and Nancy; qualified Surf coaches and Hermosa locals for 3 years, both are slightly crazy and super sick surfers. Evie has been competing a lot recently in comps reaching the semis in Latin Pro, Nicaragua, she’s sponsored by Calavera Swimwear and Decarbonated. They have both surfed around the world from Sri Lanka, Indo, HAW, Europe and mainland South and Central America. So who better to take you on your dream surf trip around Costa Rica! As the girls would say, PURA VIDA!

Nancy and Evie, Owners of Rica Surf - Eco Surf Tour Company

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