These pages are all about things we like that deserve a bit more attention, whether its a song, surfer, epic photo, new eco product, a human or charity who is doing great things, we want you to know about it. So to better explain we have created the Decarbonated rating;

• 5 grey stars = Epic but not that green
• 5 green stars = Epic and Environmental

If you know of something or someone who should be here drop us a line via our contact page, especially if you want to give us a load of free samples!

Surfer Mates

4th August, 2012

A website that encourages surfers to get to know one another and helps cut down carbon emissions. Welcome to

SurferMates logo

Wave Tribe's Recycled Strong Bull Leash

9th January, 2012

Wave Tribe's Recycled Strong Bull Leashes


Wave Tribe4.5 starts, almost perfect!

Rica Surf - Eco Surf Tour Company

9th September, 2011

Rica Surf Tour Company is the complete surf guide, surf le

Rica Surf Logo - Eco Surf tour company
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