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Surfing GB

Decarbonated are super stoked to annouce we are working with Surfing GB to give them a green foundation to build their organisation from. Surfing GB are the organisation responsible for coordinating Great Britain’s Surfing efforts and they have taken the initial steps to go green by working with us. This new and exciting partnership will help develop Surfing GB and bring about a more environmental outlook with a sustainability policy which will be woven into the core of Surfing GB’s ethos and working.

Surfing GB recognise the core values of Surfing and understand the delicate and unique relationship Surfers have with the environment that provides them with so much. As an organisation ‘we are growing and developing as every day passes and we are conscious to ensure that we set our foundations strong and green’ said SGB’s Project Manager Nick Rees.

Surfing GB

Using our event carbon footprint tools Surfing GB will be monitoring the Environmental effect of its events and working together to find reductions.  Our combined efforts will make Surfing GB’s extensive 2013 calendar as environmentally sensitive as possible.

All aspects of surfing creates an environmental impact from the wax on our boards to the flights to hotter climates, but Surfing GB are picking up the mantle showing other companies and surfers that by making small changes and being aware of our impact we can reduce it. Surfing is one of the few sports in the world that is going to be directly affected by Climate Change, so making these changes now we can help protect surfing for future generations.

We really are buzzing; “It really is amazing to be working with Surfing GB, all surfers need to look at their own carbon impact, so hopefully together we can get the message about Climate Change and its effect on our sport, out there”.

Decarbonated Collab

All new Surfing GB members will be getting a digital fact sheet with some handy hints and tips to help educate Surfers and reduce their environmental impact. They will also be getting discount on Decarbonated’s Surfboard Carbon Calculator, an online tool that calculates the carbon footprint of a surfboard from its dimensions and material make up and allows Surfers to carbon offset their boards, undoing the carbon impact. Also all surf schools will be getting further information to help reduce their impact too.

The aim of this partnership is to help all levels of British Surfing understand and reduce their environmental impact and working together we feel we can be part of the process in doing this. As an Industry and a Sport we have to step up and be counted in the fight against Climate Change.

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