Lucia Griggi's Surf photography workshop

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Lucia Griggi teaching water photography

From the sands of Cornwall and out into the cold Atlantic, in October of 2013, Lucia Griggi held an illuminating and creative one-day photography course for students who came from as near as Tintagel and as far as London. Lucia Griggi has experience shooting from land with large lenses and from the water with very expensive digital cameras encased in waterproof housings. Lucia passed on her experience by land and sea – using pro surfer and Watershed-sponsored surfer Sam Raine as a moving model.  On the beach, Lucia guided her students through lifestyle photos, portraits and a fashion shoot. Then Sam Raine took to the water and hung 10 and ripped it up, while Lucia showed her students the tricks of the trade in photographing a fast-moving surfer at a distance, from land with a big lens.

Lucia Griggi and her students

After a lunch break, Lucia and her eager ducklings suited up in wetsuits, encased their cameras in housings and took to the water for in-the-depths instruction. Water photography demands a lot from a photographer – not just creatively and technically, but physically. Swimming to get into position to take a good photo takes a combination of ocean knowledge and surfing knowledge. Lucia has shot from the water from the Maldives to Pipeline and she showed her paces as her students kicked and swam and tried to get it all sorted. “They learnt how to negotiate the white water of the breaking waves, “Lucia said. “and how to successfully body surf with the wave and get in the right position to get the best shot as the surfer zoomed towards them.”

The Workshop's Fruits

After a cold shooting session in the briney, it was back to the classroom for a cup of tea and a photo-editing session. In this modern, digital world it is easy to take hundreds of images in a very short time, and Lucia passed on her skilled experience in how to edit all those images down to the very best: “Everyone had big smiles on their faces as they had all snapped a great water pic,” Lucia said. “I was so impressed with the results. Everyone had managed to connect successfully with the surfer and had a nice clean vibrant action shot. It is really rewarding when I see this and feel really pleased  they can walk away with the feeling that I passed a long a lot of experience in a short time – to people who are eager to learn.”

"I spent last Saturday on Lucia Griggi’s Surf Photography workshop. It was one of the best days so far this year! I had an amazing day and learnt so much important advice. She showed us a presentation on some of her exciting new portfolio shots. Some of the photos and locations where absolutely amazing! Lucia had us swimming out in the ocean and showed us the best way to shoot etc. It was a really informative and a well put together course with everything you would need to learn and understand about becoming a surf photographer and starting out. " Martin Davenport 

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Credits - Thanks to Martin Davenport, JC, Philippa Parkes, Robin Clark/Students. Photo Assistant: Jessie Stewart. Surfer: Sam Raine Sponsors: C-Ckins/wetsuits, Decarbonated Sport,  and Watershot Housing/Iphone Housing. Photo Credit Header image: Martin Davenport

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