Simple Calculator

Calculate the carbon footprint of your surfboards and purchase carbon credits to carbon offset your surfboard using the simple Surfboard Carbon CalculatorTM. In return you'll get a free PDF certificate and sticker proving you have offset your surfboard.

This calculator assumes the surfboard is made of fibreglass, the vast majority of surfboards are.

First simply type in the name of the shaper or model (or any name you have for your surfboard - this will appear on your carbon offset certificate)

Then select the height of your surfboard, if you are unsure it may be written on the bottom of your board.

Then select the shape of the surfboard, this assumes the other dimensions and variables such as fin set up.

Then select the resin type, if you select Unsaturated Polyester (which is the most common resin type) it assumes the foam is Polyurethane, and if the surfboard is Epoxy resin then the Foam is assumed to be Expanded Polystyrene as they are used together nearly all the time.

If you feel these assumptions don’t fit your surfboard try the Full Calculator.


1 Enter the length of your surfboard

2 Select the shape of your surfboard

3 Select resin type your board is made from

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