Use one of the calculators to work out the carbon footprint of your surfboard and carbon offset them, you'll get a PDF certificate to prove the surfboard has been offset and a Free sticker for your carbon offset surfboard.

We have created two calculators; the Simple calculator for standard glass fibre surfboards (with different resin and foam types) and the Full Calculator which allows you to explore lots of different variables, if you know more about your surfboards, e.g. what and how many fibre layers. The full calculator requires a greater knowledge of how your surfboard is made to give a more accurate carbon footprint, but the Simple calculator covers all the major contributions to a surfboards carbon footprint. Once you have calculated your carbon footprint you can purchase carbon credits to offset your surfboards

Follow the instructions and if you get stuck at any point click the little help question marks and it should set you right.

Every effort has been made to make the calculators as broad and as accurate as possible, and they will be updated if any new data or information has been published. If you can think of anything we’ve missed (apart from wood – that’s a whole new bag of worms, we just might be working on) then drop us a line

Use the simple calculator if...

  • Your surfboard is made of fibreglass (most are)
  • You don't know everything about your surfboards
  • You want a quick easy calculation

Use the full calculator if...

  • You want a more accurate calculation
  • You know more about your surfboards
  • You want to compare carbon footprints
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