Shapers & Companies

We believe that offsetting is only a temporary step; the real goal is to have the perfect high performance, low weight, 100% sustainable and recyclable sports equipment.

The race is on, and if you are part of this race, we offer our help to best ascertain how environmental your product is and methods to reduce the carbon footprint. We believe it is important to tackle climate change and Carbon emissions at source, and can create huge business benefits;

  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce wastage
  • Increase material efficiency
  • Green marketing/advertising
  • Implementation Renewable heat and energy systems


We are working with Shapers to reduce the Carbon emissions and environmental impact at source, because our knowledge of the Carbon footprint of surfboards has allowed us to realised methods to make surfboards greener.

We are offering our Environmental consultancy expertise to shapers to create greener surfboards through Decarbonated’s schemes, become an official Decarbonated Shaper;

Gold Standard

Carbon Neutrality – is the ultimate solution to creating green surfboards in which we combine the carbon reduction and carbon offsetting, under international standards you can advertise your surfboards as being Carbon Neutral a step beyond merely offsetting the surfboard by demonstrating an actual effort to reduce carbon emissions at source.

Silver Standard

Carbon Offset Surfboards – using our models to carbon footprint the surfboards you make based on your specific manufacture techniques and material usage. Then purchasing enough carbon credits to carbon offset your organisation for a whole year. Allowing you to advertise green carbon offset surfboards.

Bronze Standard

PAYG offsetting – offering your customers offset custom surfboards, simply by adding the option to your customers during the order phase we offer a discounted bulk rate in which you can offer customers Carbon offsetting one surfboard at a time.

We can help reduce material wastage, carbon emissions, and maximise material usage to reduce costs. We can even help implement renewable energy solutions to save on energy bills and can even make money through the UK governments Feed in Tariff in which you can be paid up to 41.3p for every kWh of electricity you use. Yes being paid to use low carbon electricity! (only for businesses registered in the UK)

Other Businesses/Companies

For Retailers, Surf Schools, Publishers, Events and any surf or Non surf company we offer Environmental consultancy to actively help the environment and your business.

For Surf Shops the Carbon offsetting and PAYG schemes above can be very successful.

We can also implement full Environmental Management Systems; bespoke and personal methods to give you procedures to reduce your footprint and costs, EMS can have a very short payback period. All these packages are offered to all; sports, non-sport, events, films, publishing, other services and websites.

Visit Decarbonated Consultancy to find out how we can help improve how your business interacts with the environment, from the smallest shop, One day event or shaper to multimillion pound organisations or festivals, Decarbonated can help.

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