How to reduce your impact

The four R’s to keep your carbon footprint low;

Reduce, Re-use (Re-use and Re-use again), Recycle, and Re-absorb!


Buy a surfboard made with the Decarbonated standard and you know the shaper has done as much as possible to reduce the carbon footprint at source.

Buy less surfboards, buy second hand, wear that suit till it is absolutely falling apart, walk to the beach (if you are lucky enough).

Demand the most sustainable or recyclable materials from the surf industry, some are out there, request them for your next custom surfboard. Demand = Supply!


Use that board until it snaps or sell/exchange it, updateing your quiver with a second hand surfboard.

Have extra fin plugs in your surfboard, then it can be a Quad, Twin fin or Thruster, as and when you feel like it or the conditions demand it. This is great even on longboards!


Very very few surfboards are even partially recyclable. But if it is definitely at the end of its life, don’t put it in Landfill, use the foam for repair or make a table, mirror or chair? Art? There will be someone out there who wants it!


Offset the Carbon released in the production of the materials, the shaping process itself and the transportation of those materials to the shaper, so get calculating your surfboard carbon footprint, with the Simple and Full Surfboard Carbon Calculator

Visit the Decarbonated Consultancy website