Decarbonated Sports' mission is to make the extreme sports industry as environmentally sensitive as possible. We believe Surfing, Skiing, Skating etc. should not cost the earth and our hobbies should be one of the first areas we look to reduce their environmental impacts.

We want to make our favourite sports have a net carbon balance of zero, so carbon offset your surfboards today and help tackle climate change.

Extreme Sports and the Environment

We all want a green Surfboard a green surf industry, but surfing is a sport that relies on the Environment and Climate change will affect surfing. The Carbon footprint of board manufacture alone is huge 220,000 Tons of CO2 from the 750,000 plus boards made a year. But by acting individually the problem becomes smaller – a problem shared is a problem halved, or ideally a problem 1/750,000th. Offset the Carbon Dioxide emissions from your surfboards and help combat climate change today!

Purchasing Kyoto Compliant Carbon Credits allows you to have a surfboard that doesn’t cost the Earth. Decarbonated are reducing the Environmental damage through Carbon offsetting and Environmental Consultancy as we believe extreme sports equipment should have performance without environmental compromise., surfing is just the first step!

I know it’s obvious but making sure Mother Nature can do her thing as normal makes the planet rideable; gives us double overhead beaches, dry skate parks and chest deep fresh powder. Surfing is the first step for us, we plan to take Decarbonated into most aspects of the Extreme Sports World. Someone asked me the other day ‘why don’t you invent a new energy source that has no side effects?’ my response ‘I’d love to, but to be honest I don’t know sh*t about physics, I know surfboards’ legitimate I thought?! I’m hoping that there some young turbo nerds are working hard on that, because they might actually have a shot at solving that one. Decarbonated offer a solution to the problem of keeping the surfboards of today’s high performance without Environmental compromise.


Carbon offsetting is a very useful tool to help tackle climate change especially for all those millions of surfboards already made, but we, at Decarbonated, want to be as proactive as possible to help create environmental surfboards. We believe than engaging material producers, surfboard shapers and Surf companies as much as we can will make serious contributions to essentially saving the world. We aren’t that big headed honestly but if the sport collectively makes a change, and multiplied by how many surfers, skiers, boarders, skaters and bladers there are in the world, so help yourself, help us, help everybody.


Decarbonated Sports all started at University where Rick (Co-Founder) wanted to test a plant based surfboard to find an environmental solution for surfing. He tested the in water performance, cost and Carbon footprint, comparing it to a standard Polyurethane surfboard. The results showed it was soft and didn’t catch waves anywhere near as well as a standard PU surfboard. So back to the drawing board. Rick had compiled a huge amount of data about the carbon footprint of surfboards and didn’t want it sitting in a draw gathering dust, so the idea of the Surfboard Carbon CalculatorTM was born. Then after a year updating and refining the calculators to the British Standard PAS 2050:2008, add some web geeks and here we are.

Meanwhile Matt (the other Co-Founder and the uglier one), who is also Rick’s Brother was establishing himself as an environmental consultant aiding companies to manage how they interact with the environment. Matt was developing his career steadily with a wide range of companies including IT, Events and general companies. Then in 2010 the Eureka moment happened: combining the two brothers expertise to make the ultimate climate change fighting machine, it was like something out of transformers (Well almost).

On Going

Don’t procrastinate, Donate

One per cent of our post-tax profits will be shared around humanitarian and ecological projects, Decarbonated have a genuine desire to make the Earth a better place (no we are not Hippies) we are just trying to do our bit. As we develop we hope Decarbonated can be more involved and help out further, so the more you buy, the more we help, double incentive.

Cheers Then

So as your reading this we are trying our best to make sure our favourite extreme sports don’t create damaging Greenhouse Gases and are always coming up with new methods and innovations to engage all your favourite extreme sports brands. See Decarbonated Consultancy the other arm of the Decarbonated Empire.


If you think that you can bring something special to the Decarbonated team drop us a line


Team Decarbonated.

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